Black Van Damme Microphone Cable
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Van Damme - Tour Grade Classic Microphone Cable

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Van Damme XLR Cable

Van Damme has been designing a comprehensive range of specialist audio cables since 1987. Their audio cables are used by a long list of international touring acts as well as being installed in iconic recording studios such as Abbey Road.

Tour Grade Classic XKE Microphone Cable

Van Damme XKE microphone cable strikes the perfect balance of performance and affordability. These cables have silver plated ultra-pure oxygen-free copper conductors, a copper spiral shield, good capacitance values and a very flexible jet black PVC jacket. These properties make this audio cable an affordable good all-rounder for all XLR and balanced line level applications on stage or in the studio.

Low Noise Microphone Cable for Wired Microphones

Its exceptional flexibility and handling texture make it ideally suited for handheld microphones as it is soft to the touch and will not have a cable memory that restricts a performer’s movements should the microphone be removed from its stand. It’s good price to performance ratio means it is accessible to home studio and hobbyist musicians that are looking to step up to a professional microphone cable at an affordable price.

Affordable Tour Grade Microphone Cable

At Cablesmiths we have a genuine commitment to delivering high quality microphone cables for up and coming musicians or hobbyists. Our Van Damme Tour Grade XKE microphone cables come at a more affordable price because we have pre-packaged it as a non-customisable low noise microphone cable without our premium heavy duty cable tie. The same attention to detail and high quality Neutrik XLRs and Kester solder we use for more expensive cable or professional applications go into every Van Damme Tour Grade XKE cable we assemble.

Product Specifications
*Some items will not render


Properties Analog Audio
AWG  24
Outer Jacket Material
PVC / Neoprene
Handling Texture Smooth
Cable Diameter (mm) 6.35
Available Colours Black
Shield Type Spiral
Shielding Factor (%)

Capacitance Cond./Cond
46 pF/m
Application Environments Professional Production, Recording, Live Stage
Recommended Applications Dynamic Microphones, Condenser Microphones, Mic/Line Level Interconnects, Rack Wiring