24 Channel Passive Splitter

Custom audio splitters available up to 48 channels

Professional 12 Channel Multipin Stagebox

12 channel LK multipin stagebox for professional applications

Professional 8 Channel Multipin Stagebox

8 channel LK multipin stagebox for professional applications

4 Channel Parallel Stagebox

CatLink Stagebox This CAT based stagebox offers the integrator and live produ...

AES/EBU Multicore Cable - Spiral Gland

Our AES/EBU multicores are for professional audio and rental applications th...

AES/EBU Multicore Cable - Mesh Cable Gland

Our AES/EBU multicores are for professional audio and rental applications th...



We assemble standard and custom rackmount splitters using high quality XLR and multipin modular components. Splitters are available with or without transformers in configurations up to 48 channels.


Cablesmiths supplies stageboxes with industry standard round multipin connectors that are compatible with inline round pin multicore cables. As standard we supply 8, 12 and 16 channel stageboxes. These boxes can be designed with any combination of male or female panel mount XLRs for various requirements.

Multicore Cables

Our handmade multicore cables for professional audio and rental are hand made to client specifications according to the rugged MIL C 5015 standard and are compatible with corresponding connectors from LK, Syntax and all major brands. We offer a wide range of options including AES/EBU and analog multicore cable, standard spiral glands, mesh cable glands and colour heatshrink logos for branding and inventory management.

Multicore Fanouts

Cablesmiths fanout systems are designed to work with all round multipin multicore cables made according to the MIL C 5015 standard and are available in standard and custom configurations from 8 channels and higher. As standard we use LK or Sytanx connectors with Neutrik XX Series XLR connectors that can be further customised with colour coding and channel labels. On request we can fit Neutrik convertCON XLRs for parallel send/return stagebox systems.

Tour Grade CAT6a S/FTP Network Cables

Cablesmiths specialises in rugged and reliable network cables for professional audio and video production. Whether you need short patch cables for network switches and amp racks or Schill cable reels for your FOH runs, our future proof etherCON and RJ45 network cables will keep you running with all industry technologies and protocols such as Dante, AVB, gigaACE, MADI-C, Waves Soundgrid and many more. Contact us for your custom solution or see our range of standard ruggedised network cables here

CATLink Systems

For situations where traditional stagebox and multicores are not feasible or tactical deployment is required our CATLink systems are the ideal solution. We offer 4 channel ethernet based stageboxes and fanouts that are light and compact and can cater for analog audio, AES/EBU digital audio and DMX. These systems can offer a cost saving by being compatible with shielded consumer grade CAT5e or higher cable.