White Guitar Cable

Sommer - Tricone XXL White Guitar Cable


All White Guitar and Keyboard Cable

Sommer Cable Germany has established an impressive portfolio of instrument cables to meet the needs of guitar and keyboard player at all levels. They are one of the few professional cable manufacturers’ that has made a real investment into offering innovative guitar cables to meet specific applications and needs. Tricone XXL is one such guitar cable with similar construction and performance to SC-Spirit XXL but in a long life matte white jacket. Other white guitar cables tend to be made of a shiny PVC jacket that is not aesthetically appealing.

The cable has impressive specs that make it a good choice for guitarists, bass players and keyboard players after a cable that offers high performance for stage and studio environments. The cable is comprised of a 20 AWG oxygen free copper conductor that ensures high signal transmission, a thick black carbon screen and a tinned copper shield that together provide 100% shielding protecting it from interference.

Low Capacitance and Stylish Looks

The guitar cable comes in at 4th place on our Capacitance League Table with a capacitance of 85 pF/m which ensures great signal transmission for guitars, basses and keyboards at longer cable length. Even at this low capacitance the cable still only has a diameter of 5.9mm which means it remains flexible and visually discrete for aesthetically sensitive environments. As standard we terminate this cable with Neutrik NP2X-WT all white 1/4" plugs using Kester silver solder and include a white premium long life cable tie. If you prefer a more striking white checkout White Braid - Instrument Cable that puts a neon white Techflex braid over the SC-Tricone cable.

Custom White Guitar, Bass and Keyboard Cable

This cable it is available in our cable customiser app to fine tune your individual specifications and applications. In the customiser you can change the cable length in 10cm increments, choose straight and right angle connectors from Neutrik and Switchcraft, add Techflex braided sleeving and a free colour custom heatshrink logo.

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Properties Analog Audio
AWG 24
Outer Jacket Material
LLC (Long Life Compound)
Handling Texture  Smooth rubber
Cable Diameter (mm)
Available Colours Matte White
Shield Type Tin Plated Copper Spiral
Shielding Factor (%) 100%
Capacitance Cond./Shield 85 pF/ft
Impedence 110 OHM
Applications Environments Recording, Live Stage

Recommended Applications

Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Effects Pedals