Sommer SC-Spirit Guitar Cable

Sommer SC-Spirit XXL Guitar Cable

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High Quality Guitar and Bass Cable for Studio and Stage

Sommer cable in a relatively short space of time has established itself as a specialist guitar cable manufacturer with a range of innovative cables to meet the demands of professionals. Their portfolio of pro grade guitar and keyboard cables is one of the best in the world and this includes SC-Spirit XXL. This cable has a unique appearance because of its transparent black PVC jacket that allows the shielding so is particularly good for those after a standout high quality guitar cable.

The cable is not only about looks as it also has impressive specs that make it a popular choice for guitarists and bass players after a cable that offers high performance for stage and studio environments. The cable is comprised of an 18 AWG tin plated oxygen free copper conductor that ensures high signal transmission even over longer distances, a thick 100% black carbon screen and a 95% copper shield that protects it from interferences and the special transparent PVC jacket that is flexible and durable.

Low Capacitance and Low loss signal Transmission

The guitar cable comes in at 6th place on our Capacitance League Table with a capacitance of 86 pF/m which ensures low loss transmission. Even at 6th place this is vastly better than store bought cables such as Mogami Gold that have a capacitance of 130 pF/m and come at over double the cost. The price/performance ratio offered by SC-Spirit XXL is hard to beat which makes this unbalanced cable a good all-rounder for guitar, bass and keyboard.

Custom SC-Spirit XXL Guitar and Bass Cable

To help you maximise the value of this cable it is available in our cable customiser app to fine tune your individual specifications and applications. Our cable customiser allows you to change the cable length in 10cm increments, choose your favourite Neutrik or Switchcraft 1/4” plugs, add Techflex braided sleeving and a free colour custom heatshrink logo and premium cable tie.

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Attention: Available at this price only whilst stock lasts. Price increase effective when we sell out and re-order more cable.

Product Specifications
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Properties Analog Audio
AWG 26
Outer Jacket Material PVC
Handling Texture Smooth
Cable Diameter (mm) 6.80
Available Colours Transparent Black
Shield Type Tinned Spiral Shield
Shielding Factor (%) 95
Capacitance Cond./Shield 86 pF/m
Application Environments Live Stage and Studio
Recommended Applications Guitar, Bass, Keyboard