Sommer - Small Diameter Microphone Cable

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Sommer Small Diameter Microphone Cable

Sommer Cable out of Germany has a well established reputation going back to their early days in 1999 for innovative products across the many facets of professional audio. Their cables are in the top tier of cable available today and we rely on them for a number of our own production cables.

Amongst these innovations are their range of small diameter low noise microphone cables that are unsurpassed in size and quality. SC-Scuba is the big brother to SC-Cicada and at a diameter of 3.8mm it opens up more options such as being a more practical thin microphone cable for stage and home studio use, rack cabling and situations where cabling should not attract attention.


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Superior Small Diameter Microphone Cable

If you deal with microphone cables for any length of time you soon realise that the less bulky it is the better. The typical cable available in music instrument stores is 6.5mm in diameter, it is common to think just because the cable is thick it is rugged but not in this case. This typical cable uses a foil shield, minimal copper strands and has a very thick outer jacket. These are not the properties you want for a long-lasting cable that has to withstand repeated flexing and rough handling. Contrast this with SC-Scuba that has 26 AWG oxygen free copper inner conductors, a dense copper braid shield with 90 % coverage to protect the cable from interference whilst being 2.5 times thinner.

Design your Custom Small Diameter Microphone Cable

With a slightly large diameter than its little brother SC-Cicada, more customisation options are available in our microphone cable customiser for this cable including heatshrink logos. Using our high quality soldering techniques, you can be assured this cable will work well with any choice of Neutrik or Switchcraft XLRs and balanced 1/4” plugs and add a long life premium cable tie.