Mogami Neglex Quad 1/4" TRS Cable - Straight to Straight
  • Mogami Neglex Quad 1/4" TRS Cable - Straight to Straight

Mogami Neglex Quad 1/4" TRS Cable - Straight to Straight

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Black Mogami Quad Neglex TRS Cable

With a history in audio cable going back to the 1970s Mogami Cable made in Nagano, Japan is well regarded for its high quality studio microphone cables. Their commitment to manufacturing excellence has firmly established Mogami audio cables as a studio essential and this is evidenced by the large number of recording facilities and professional artists that endorse their cables.

Mogami Neglex Quad is a high quality 4 conductor balanced microphone cable based on the proven star quad design that offers an improvement in signal to noise of 10-20db over equivalent twisted pair cables. Mogami W2534 Neglex Quad has a served copper shield finished in an exceptional velvet smooth PVC jacket that offers durability and great handling characteristics for recording studio applications.

High Quality Studio Interconnect Cables for Noise Rejection

A typical limitation of lower grade microphone cables is that they have cheap XLR connectors terminated with low quality solder and have minimal shielding. Our Mogami Neglex quad microphone cables overcome these limitations as we only use genuine Neutrik gold 1/4" connectors professionally terminated using high quality Kester silver solder ensuring a long life of flawless signal transmission and performance.

Custom Mogami Neglex Quad TRS Cable

We offer this low noise interconnect cable in a variety of standard lengths as well as through our customiser app where you can design your own Mogami star quad cable and customise your cable length, connectors and colour accessories, add a heatshrink logo and long life premium cable tie.

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Product Specifications
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Properties Analog Audio
AWG 24
Outer Jacket Material PVC
Handling Texture Smooth
Cable Diameter (mm) 6.00
Available Colours Black
Shield Type Served
Shielding Factor (%) 100
Capacitance 65 pF/m
Application Environments Recording
Recommended Applications Dynamic Microphones, Condenser Microphones, Balanced Interconnects