Mogami Gold Guitar Cable

Customise Why not customise your cable

Mogami Cable made in Nagano, Japan has a well-established reputation for high quality studio audio cables. Their commitment to quality cable extends to their line of guitar cables that includes Mogami (W2524) cable that is better known as Mogami Gold Guitar Cable which is based on the same manufacturing philosophy found in its premium studio wiring.


Typical applications for this cable include professional recordings and live stage use for electric guitars, bass guitars and keyboards.


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High Quality Mogami Cable for Guitars and Keyboards

The cable is comprised of a polyethylene insulated 20 AWG central copper conductor that is first surrounded in a black carbon PVC to remove microphonic noise and then a served copper shield encased in a flexible matte black jacket that is only 6mm in diameter. With a capacitance of 130 pF/m Mogami Gold comes in at 10th place on our Capacitance League Table which makes it suitable for general purpose stage and studio applications, acoustics guitars, electric guitar tone shaping in long length and keyboards.

Customise Your Mogami Gold Guitar Cables

For musicians that do not want to customise their guitar cable we offer it in standard lengths terminated with Neutrik PX Series gold contact 1/4" plugs using high quality Kester silver solder. For musicians after a tailored solution, in our cable customiser app you can choose your desired length, connector brand, add silent plugs and straight and right angle connectors with coloured boot. You can also add your own custom colour heatshrink logo and a premium long life cable tie available in your choice of 10 colours all at an affordable price.

Customise your Mogami Gold Guitar Cable here.