8 Core Heavy Gauge Speaker Cable

Klotz Professional Speaker Cable 8 x 2.5 mm² - Touring NL8 speakON F-M

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Professional Touring Speaker Cable Female to Male Neutrik STX Series speakON

Klotz is the premier brand for high quality and reliable speaker cable. The German cable manufacturer specialises in an array of speaker cables ranging from small gauge 2 core cable all the way to 24 core heavy gauge cable for the latest generation of line array and multi-amplifier systems. These professional speaker cables utilise high quality stranded copper and a rugged PVC jacket that remains flexible even in low temperatures.

Tour Grade Speaker Cable 8 x 2.5 mm² 

Our heavy duty 8 core speaker cables utilise Neutrik STX NL8 speakONs, a robust and rugged all metal connector that can withstand the rigours of professional touring and rental. The high quality LSC825YS Klotz multicore speaker cable we use has 8 colour coded cores with a bigger gauge cross section of 4.0 mm². This makes it suitable for 4 channel signal distribution and professional amplifier and loudspeaker applications utilising a female to female NL8 philosophy.

Hand Built Professional Loudspeaker Cables

At Cablesmiths every professional loudspeaker cable is hand built to exact specifications using high quality tools and meticulous attention to detail. NLT8FX connectors are a soldered speakON that requires skill to solder correctly without damaging the conductor insulation. We utilise a heat controlled soldering process and a Kester low melt point eutectic solder that ensures parts are not overheated and a strong joint is formed. In the case of NLT8MX we utilise faston connectors covered in adhesive heatshrink to ensure a strong and secure connection and protect against short circuits. Although the STX Series connector is more expensive its rugged build makes it ideally suited for a long life of touring and rental applications.

We understand sound companies and production professionals have differing needs and requirements so through our customiser app, custom speaker cable lengths can be designed and colour heatshrink labels, logos or inventory labelling can be added when you upload your image file or specify the text to be printed. If no design is submitted transparent heatshrink will be provided.

Note: Depending on cable stock availability and customer delivery lead time requirements we may substitute with equivalent Sommer Cable or Eurocable speaker cable.

Production company customers can contact us at info@cablesmiths.com.au for commercial quotes and volume discounts.