Guitar Splitter Cable - Jack to Dual 1/4" Plugs


A high quality guitar signal splitter that conveniently splits the same signal into two independent 1/4" jack plugs to suit an array of pedalboard and studio applications. This splitter uses Mogami W2314 cable and rugged Switchcraft connectors terminated with silver solder for maximum conductivity.


This cable is recommended for pedalboards and any other application where a guitar signal needs to be split into two sources.


$15 Express Post For Australian Orders - Online Orders Only

High Quality 1/4" Guitar Splitter

This cable splitter conveniently duplicates the same guitar signal to two independent 1/4" jack plugs for applications such as pedalboards and running multiple amplifiers. We use low noise Mogami 2314 cable that is highly flexibly allowing it to twist and turn into tight spaces whilst retaining its integrity for a long life of trouble free use.

Premium Rugged Connectors

For the jack connectors we use an all metal shielded cable mount jack that is rugged and provides a tight connection. For the 1/4" plugs we use Switchcraft's classic 280 connector with rubber flex relief which further protects the cables for any tight turns.