Gotham GAC-3 (Neumann) Microphone Cable

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Gotham GAC-3 Three Conductor Microphone Cable

Gotham Audio is a Swiss cable manufacturer that has been supplying a superior range of high quality audio cables to the professional sector since 1976. Although a boutique brand, it is well known in high end studios and installations for its quality and exceptional noise rejection.

Gotham GAC-3 also known as 'Neumann cable' is a unique 3 conductor design with the third conductor put to ground, together with the two shields. This increases RF-rejection to 115dB (20dB better than standard) at 25 kHz. This level of performance makes this cable the perfect choice for high-end studios and super low noise microphone cables. 


EMI / RFI rejection, microphone cables, interconnect cables


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Classic studio recording cable with double shielding

A cable’s shield plays a critical role in noise rejection and durability and all professional audio cables will have a shield however, often times it will have the bare minimum copper shield or employ a cheap foil shield that will not have a long flex life. Gotham Audio Cables feature a unique Double Reussen Shielding concept; which is 2 layers of 100% copper spiral shields wound in opposite directions to give superb shielding and 100% coverage even if the cable is bent and constantly moved. Majority of other cables only consist on one shield that offers 95% shielding.

This cable's exceptional construction and low noise performance makes it ideal for maximum noise rejection for critical recording and stage applications.

Custom Gotham GAC-3 Microphone Cables for Studio and Stage

In our cable customiser app you can tailor this high end microphone cable to suit all your studio and live stage requirements whether it be for professional low noise microphone cables to interconnect cables for audio equipment with a vast range or XLR and 1/4" connectors. Coloured boots and ID rings are available in our Neutrik range including custom heatshrink labelling and cable tie colours are to meet all your cable organisation needs.