Audio and Power Hybrid Cable - powerCON True1

Audio and Power Hybrid Cable - powerCON True1

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Audio and powerCON True1 Cable for Powered Loudspeakers

This audio and power hybrid cable is a compact and neat way of connecting powered loudspeakers or line array elements that utilise powerCON TRUE1 connectors with breaking capacity.

On request the cable can be customised with heatshrink logos/labels and custom lengths on the XLR and power cable to suit different loudspeaker amplifier module input and output dimensions. 

Digital Audio Cable

This hybrid cable features a shielded 110 ohm digital audio cable that is suitable for both analog and  AES/EBU digital signals for powered speakers and modern amplifier systems housed in a flexible and rugged outer jacket. As standard gold pin male and female Neutrik XX Series connectors are used for the XLR connections. 

powerCON True1 Power Cable

A compliant 3 x 1.5 mm² power cable with Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 in and out is used for the power component making it ideal for production use and test and tagging requirements.