CAT.6A ethernet cable with green RJ45 boots
  • Stripped CAT.6A SFTP ethernet cable

CAT.6A RJ45 Ethernet Cable - Green Boot

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Rugged green CAT.6A RJ45 ethernet cable

We get that not all applications for ethernet cables need industrial grade connectors or Neutrik etherCONs so we have made this more affordable range of ethernet cables that use Hirose TM31P Series Cat.6a RJ45 connectors but with the same rugged Polyurethane (PUR) outer jacketed cable as our tour grade solutions. These ethernet cables offer versatility and interoperability across a range of commercial, industrial and AV applications.

We offer the cable in standard length increments up to 60m with green boots for identification purposes. As standard we include two pieces of clear heatshrink for self-labelling. Each pair of the cable is wrapped in a foil screen with an overall tinned copper braided shield providing protection from RFI, EMI and crosstalk. These cables can also be used for transmitting analogue audio, phantom power or digital 110 Ω AES / EBU signals with our CATLink systems.

High performance ethernet cable made to last

To ensure we deliver high quality, reliable RJ45 ethernet cables to our customers, we have chosen to exclusively use TM31P Series CAT.6A connectors from Hirose, who are a leading Japanese manufacturer of connector solutions with a well-established global reputation for exceptional connectors and tooling.  The Hirose CAT.6A connector supports high speed 10G Ethernet applications and features a metal shield with 360° coverage around the engagement area to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection and a protected latch tab so it does not break on you like cheap mass produced cables. This means you still get a high quality cable suitable for a wide range professional applications just at lower price point.

The high performance SFTP PUR jacketed ethernet cable we use has been specifically engineered for harsh environments where long life and reliability are priorities. Unlike inferior ethernet cables made from PVC or Polyethylene, a PUR cable won’t kink, tangle or suffer catastrophic abrasion damage on you. Besides being backward compatible with CAT.5e protocols, the cables also offer cosmetic benefits as they have small diameters, lie flat and are black in colour so are discrete and don’t draw attention to themselves by being some neon colour that belongs in an installation.

One of the most common points of failure, next to using unshielded installation grade ethernet cable in harsh environments, is poor termination resulting in intermittent connection and grounding. This is usually due to the use of generic punch down tools not designed for the connector and poor practice with terminating the cable shield. At Cablesmiths, together with the use of the correct Hirose tools, we employ industry best practices when terminating the cable shield. To ensure the cable will remain effectively grounded for its entire life, we use adhesive copper tape that is crimped to the connector body. So regardless of how much you flex the cable its termination remains secure.


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  • This cable maybe manufactured using various branded cables that meet CAT.6A specifications with a Polyurethane (PUR) outer jacket depending on stock availability and lead time requirements


    Product Specifications


    Cable Properties CAT.7 SFTP
    Cable Properties Digital 110 Ω AES / EBU
    Outer Jacket Material Black PUR
    Connectors HIROSE TM31P CAT.6A
    Pinout  TIA / EIA 568-B
    Cable Diameter (mm) 6.5
    Boot Colour Green
    Shield Type Tinned Copper Braid
    Shielding Factor (%) 100
    Application Environments Mobile / Outdoor
    Recommended Applications AV networking, Fast Ethernet