CAT.6a etherCON Network Cable Drum
  • CAT.6a etherCON Network Cable

CAT.6a Ethernet Cable Drum with etherCON Connectors

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Extremely Rugged Ethernet Cable for AV Professionals

Sommer Cable Germany is a highly reputable manufacturer of professional tour grade AV cable and are known for their high quality and innovation to meet the most challenging requirements. SC-Mercator CAT.7 cable is one of the best rugged ethernet cables available today, specifically designed to transport network signals in the most demanding mobile and outdoor applications.

Don’t risk the show on cheap ethernet cable

The proliferation of cheap unshielded RJ45 ethernet cable out of the IT world unfortunately has resulted in good quality, shielded CAT cable often being overlooked and viewed as an unnecessary expense for professional AV networking. The CAT cable connecting your front of house console to your stage racks, video or lighting rig is the life line of your system. A failure here because of a low quality cable and the whole show goes down.

To put this into perspective a rider friendly tour level audio mixing console and loudspeaker system can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is not the place to connect the two with the cheapest cable that can be found using low quality RJ45 connectors that can break easily. Professional AV environments can be quite rough on equipment, especially cables that get stepped on and run over by road cases and vehicles. Our CAT.6a ethernet cables are built tough with Neutrik etherCONs to withstand these conditions with all pairs shielded for maximum performance.

A rugged and customisable ethernet cable made to go the distance

The engineers at Sommer have met this need by setting a new benchmark in rugged CAT cable with the SC-Mercator CAT.7. Other than being future-proof to meet all CAT.5e, CAT.6, CAT.6a and CAT.7 transmissions the cable boasts the following benefits;

  • An extremely rugged (Polyurethane) PUR outer jacket that is flame-retardant, notch and tread-resistant, cold-flexible and easy to reel. Typical CAT cables marketed as rugged are made of inferior PVC or Polyethylene outer jackets.
  • A small diameter of 6.5mm makes it discrete, compact and light compared to typical offerings with diameters of 7.5mm and greater.
  • SFTP with a tinned copper braided shield providing 100% coverage ensures excellent signal transmission and phantom power capability with our CATLink systems.

At Cablesmiths each ethernet cable drum we make comes with your choice of industry standard CAT.6a etherCON connectors or ruggedized shielded RJ45 made to standard or custom lengths. We use high quality Schill cable drums with rubber dust caps, cable tie and heatshrink logos included free.


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  • Does not intermate with the CAT6 chassis connectors NE8FDY-C6 and NE8FDY-C6-B.
Product Specifications


Cable Properties CAT.7 SFTP
Cable Properties Digital 110 Ω AES / EBU
Outer Jacket Material PUR
Connectors CAT.6a Neutrik etherCON / CAT.6a Telegartner MFP8
Pinout  TIA / EIA 568-B
Cable Diameter (mm) 6.5
Available Colours Black
Shield Type Tinned Copper Braid
Shielding Factor (%) 100
Application Environments Mobile / Outdoor
Cable Drum Schill
Recommended Applications Snake for digital consoles and stage racks, AV networking