Canare Star Quad Microphone Cable - Narrow Profile


Small Diameter Canare Star Quad Microphone Cable

Canare star quad microphone cable comprises four identical conductors arranged in a precise twisted geometry so they occupy the same space with corresponding pairs terminated to pins 2 and 3 of a XLR connector. This precise arrangement means electromagnetic interference affects all conductors at the same time effectively balancing or cancelling out the interference. This method is so effective that it reduces magnetically induced noise by 10dB to 30dB. A standard 2 conductor cable cannot achieve this level of noise rejection because its two conductors cannot be arranged to occupy the same space like star quad cable.

So if you are running microphone cables near power cables, lighting, air conditioning or equipment racks with high electrical current equipment, our Canare star quad microphone cables perfectly terminated with Neutrik XLRs should be at the top of your list.


EMI / RFI rejection, microphone cables and interconnect cables


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High quality made in Japan Star Quad microphone cable

Canare is a Japanese manufacturer of audio and video cables, connectors, patchbays and fiber-optic products for the professional audio, video and television broadcast industries. With a track record of innovative products and proven reliability, their manufacturing excellence is amongst the best in the world and the quality of their low noise star quad cables in our opinion is unmatched.

The durability of these cables together with our high quality assembly make these Canare star quad cables an ideal workhorse for schools, churches and recording studios. We encourage schools, churches and recording studios to contact us for quantity discounts.

Star Quad Microphone Cables for Stage, Studio and Industry

At Cablesmiths our speciality is custom made Canare star quad microphone cables to meet the broadest range of professional audio, stage, studio and industry needs. To achieve this we stock Canare L-4E6S in ten colours including this smaller dimeter version Canare L-4E5C in black or grey. This cable is ideally suited for situations that require a visually discrete microphone cable, instrument miking, internal rack wiring or getting cable through tight spaces as this small diameter version is only 4.8mm. This smaller diameter cable offers the same quality and performance just in a smaller form factor. Through our customiser app you can design your own narrow profile star quad cable and customise length, add different XLRs and 6.5mm TRS connectors including heatshrink logos and a long life premium cable tie for convenient storage.