Canare GS-6 Guitar / Keyboard / Instrument Cable

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Canare GS-6 Guitar and Keyboard Cable

Canare is a Japanese manufacturer of audio and video cables for the professional A/V and broadcast markets that has a long established reputation for innovative products that offer long term value. Amongst these innovations is their Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) line of cables that includes Canare GS-6 that is specially designed for connecting guitars, basses and keyboards using 1/4" plugs.

The centre conductor of Canare GS-6 Guitar Cable is made of 127 high quality OFC strands that are flexible and ensure durability. The cable has an impressive proprietary double carbon plastic shield underneath the 92% coverage flexible copper braid shield which together eliminate microphonic handling noise and provide the cable great tensile strength to survive in any stage or studio environment. Due to these properties this particular guitar cable has become the most popular guitar cable we supply to school music programs. Schools are encouraged to contact us for quantity discounts.


Guitars and keyboards


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Accurate Signal Transmission and Tone Shaping Capabilities

Canare GS-6 Guitar Cable has an outstanding frequency response that is flat up to 50kHz. As standard we terminate Canare GS-6 with leading Neutrik NP2X-B 1/4" gold plugs using high quality Kester silver solder for maximum strength and signal transmission. With a capacitance of 160 pF/m Canare GS-6 is towards the higher end of our Capacitance League Table. For guitar players using passive pick ups, in longer length (generally 15m or more) GS-6 guitar cable can be used for some front end tone shaping by rolling of harsh higher frequencies and increase the perception of mid-range.

Custom Canare GS-6 Guitar and Keyboard Cable

A standout feature of Canare cable are their smooth and durable PVC outer jackets. GS-6 is no exception with the cable available from Cablesmiths in matte black, blue, green, orange, red and yellow. Our cable customiser app is an easy to use visual tool that will allow you to design your perfect stage or studio guitar or keyboard cable. Right angle connectors, silent plugs, classic Switchcraft connectors and an array of Neutrik colour boot options are available to fulfil your ideal design and colours. Through the customiser app you can add custom colour heatshrink logos and premium cable ties.