Belden 8412 Rugged Microphone Cable

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Belden 8412 Balanced Microphone Cable

Belden 8412 is a high quality heavy duty analog audio cable designed fundamentally for long term durability and reliability. The cable achieves this by encasing the two conductors in a synthetic rubber insulation then two outer shields made of rayon fibre and tinned copper shield finished in a rugged EPDM rubber jacket. This ruggedised cable construction far surpasses that of all other two core analog audio cables. 

This low noise balanced microphone cable has excellent noise rejection which makes it suitable for connecting all dynamic and condenser microphones, powered speakers, audio interfaces and interconnects in both live and studio environments where cable durability is a priority.

Ruggedised microphone for studio or live performance and balanced analog audio.

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Heavy duty microphone cable for the most demanding conditions

Belden 8412 is from their rugged family of professional microphone cables and features 2 high-conductivity tinned copper conductors insulated in EPDM rubber. This microphone cable differs from regular cables in that it incorporates tough rayon fillers incased in an 85% tinned copper shield that is wrapped in cotton and finished in a tough EPDM rubber outer jack. This makes it one of the most durable cables available today with a legendary reputation for performance and reliability.

This high level of durability make Belden 8412 particularly suited for environments where the cable will be subjected to harsh conditions and treatment such as outdoors, schools, stages and professional touring.

Custom heavy duty microphone cables

We supply this cable as standard with world leading Neutrik XX Series connectors terminated with Kester high quality silver solder and heat shrink applied to the shield to prevent fraying. This ensures a long life of reliable performance even under tough conditions. Through our cable customiser the cable length can be adjusted to suit your particular application and different connectors and accessories added such as gold contact XLRs, coloured boots and heatshrink logos.

The cable customiser can be access either by clicking the customise button next to add to cart or via this link.