Black AES/EBU Digital Cable
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Belden 1800F AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable

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Belden 1800F Unmatched Versatility 

Belden Inc started in 1902 and is now a leading manufacturer of cable and wire solutions for broadcast, video, audio, industrial applications and commercial networking.

Known the world over for their expertise in AES/EBU digital cabling, Belden 1800F is a fine example of a versatile cable that can double as a flexible low noise microphone cable and a digital cable for studio, live sound and lighting applications.

Belden 1800F features a pair of bare copper conductors with Datalene® insulation, fillers and a 95% tinned copper braid finished in a flexible matte black PVC jacket. These physical properties and its characteristic 110 Ohm impedence and super low capacitance mean it will perform well as a microphone cable, an AES/EBU interconnect for higher end studio gear and professional live sound mixing consoles and touring PA drive systems.

AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is a standard for exchanging digital audio signals between professional audio devices that was first published in 1985. It uses the same male and female 3 pin XLRs as regular microphone cables but differs in that it can carry two channels of audio up to distances of 100m. This makes it particularly suited for a wide range of professional applications such as DMX lighting, AES/EBU digital in/out connections on mixing consoles and amplifiers, long cable runs and good old flexible low noise microphone cables.

With all these inherent features AES/EBU digital audio cable is the swiss army knife of the cable world as it has many bases covered and is the cable to get if you can only get one.

We supply this cable as standard with world leading Neutrik 3 pin XX Series connectors terminated using Kester and Amtech soldering products with heat shrink applied to the shield to prevent fraying. This ensures a long life of reliable performance even under tough conditions.  As with all our professional cables a heavy duty long-life Rip-Tie cable wrap is included for convenient storage.

Create your own Custom AES/EBU Digital Cables

With such a versatile cable it is imperative we also offer it as a customisable cable to meet the various needs and specifications of install and production environments. This is where our cable customiser app comes in! The app lets you adjust your cable length, choose different 3 pin XLRs and balanced 1/4" connectors from Neutrik or Switchcraft and add a custom heatshrink label design. So, whether it’s a modern studio, installation or production environment you can design your perfect solution and have confidence that what you see is what you will get.

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Properties Digital & Analog Audio
AWG 24
Outer Jacket Material
Handling Texture  Flexible rubber
Cable Diameter (mm)
Available Colours Matte Black
Shield Type French Braid
Shielding Factor (%) 95%
Capacitance Cond./Shield 26 pF/ft
Impedence 110 OHM
Applications Environments Professional Production, Recording, Live Stage, Lighting

Recommended Applications

AES/EBU, 3 and 5 Pin DMX, Long Mic/Line Level Interconnects, Dynamic/Condenser Microphones