24 Channel Passive Splitter

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This 24 channel passive splitter is designed for audio professionals who need to distribute sound to multiple sources. With its 24 channels and passive operation, it provides efficient and reliable signal splitting, allowing for easy audio management in live events, AV installations and recording studios.


Applications for this splitter include professional touring sub snakes, monitor / front of house / broadcast splits and audio distribution in AV installations and recording studios.


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High quality modular design

This passive splitter is a convenient and simple way to split 24 audio channels to two independent destinations such as monitors and front of house. The splitter is assembled using XLR and multipin PCB modules that offer high reliability and customisation at an accessible price point. The first split is through 24 Neutrik XLR tails at the rear of the 19" 2RU unit and the second split through the LK round multipin connector at the front of the unit.  

Note: Splitters are available with or without, transformers, multipin fanout cables and are available in configurations up to 48 channels.

Passive audio splitter for professional audio applications

This 24 channel splitter is assembled using high quality modular connector modules in a 19" 2RU powder coated housing. The front panel contains 24 female input XLR connectors and an 85 pin LK male output multipin for easy access with the rear panel containing 24 male XLR tails for the other output.

Each XLR module is comprised of Neutrik 3 pin female A Series PCB panel connectors that splits to XLR tails and a rugged LK multipin connector with gold pins for reliable and error free connections. The multipin connector is terminated to the industry wiring standard making it compatible with existing professional multipin fanout cables for seamless integration for production and PA rental companies.