FAQs - Equipment Hire

    Is all equipment available through online hire?

    Small items such as microphones and DI boxes are available through online hire. For larger items such as speakers, mixing consoles and stage equipment please contact us.

    Why is the hire price higher at checkout?

    As with rental items of any nature we charge a security bond that is fully refunded once the equipment is returned in accordance with our hire terms and conditions.

    How many forms of identification do I need to complete the online verification process?

    Two forms of identification are required such as Driver's Licence, Passport and Medicare Card.

    Is my personal information secure?

    Yes, the online verification system is very secure and we do not hold your personal information. At the completion of the hire period it is automatically deleted.

    My identity could not be verified what happens next?

    If your identity cannot be verified online we will cancel the order and refund your money.

    I missed the courier pick up for the return of the equipment what do I do?

    If you miss the pick up window for the courier to collect the equipment contact us immediately and we will arrange a new pick up time. After two failed attempts we will charge you applicable costs and/or pursue recovery actions.