Custom Microphone and Interconnect Cables

One of the goals of Cablesmiths was to provide a new and intuitive online ordering process to design and customise professional microphone and balanced interconnect cables to meet a variety of applications ranging from professional and home studios, live performance, home theatre to sound design.

Our Microphone Cable Customiser app sets a new benchmark for cable customisation by providing a means to choose various cable brands, and customise cable length, connectors and accessories with a real time what you see is what you get dynamic image to get an accurate representation of what will arrive in the mail. The app has quickly become the method of choice for purchasing cables on our website!

Let’s go through the various sections of the app!

Cable Options


Cable Brand

The first step is to select your preferred professional microphone cable brand. Our range includes high quality cables from Belden, Canare, Gotham, Sommer, Van Damme, Mogami and Klotz. You can also click the cable specifications under the dynamic image for more information on the cable specifications.

Cable Type

Once you have chosen your brand, select the cable type from the available options which include AES/EBU digital, Star Quad, Heavy Duty and Small Diameter Cables.

Cable Colour

All cable brands have black as standard with colour options available for Canare Star Quad and Mogami Neglex. 

Cable Length

The last step is to select your cable length to suit your requirements. We always recommend customers to take their time with this step as nothing can be done if you make it too short. 

The overall length of your cable will be your chosen cable length plus the connectors.

Connector Options

 Custom Neutrik XLR Connectors

Custom Switchcraft Connectors

Custom Switchcraft 3.5mm Connectors

Connector Brand

Next up are two sections for you to select Connector A and then Connector B. Here you will find a vast array of leading XLR, 1/4" Stereo and 3.5mm Stereo connectors from Neutrik, Switchcraft and Amphenol to suit various requirements. From right angle XLRs to 1/4" Stereo Jacks for extension leads from your audio interface any combination can be selected for Connector A and Connector B including mixing connector brands.

Boot Colour (Neutrik Only)

For colour coding or to add extra style to your microphone or interconnect cable, ten boot and/or ID ring colours are available to add to any Neutrik XLR and 1/4" connector. These match particularly well with Canare cables and some Techflex braided sleeving designs.

Custom Heatshrink Logos and Text

Heatshrink Logo

Upload a Custom Logo

Our advanced heatshrink printing capabilities mean you can upload your high resolution jpg or png logo file or other design to be printed using a horizontal orientation on the available heatshrink colour and ink options for installation extending from the connector boot.

Use Custom Text

This option can be used when you want specific text on the heatshrink rather than a designed logo. You can select a horizontal or vertical orientation for the text noting vertical orientation will result in a smaller font size.

Imprint Ink and Heatshrink Colour

Select your choice of high quality resin ink colour to print your custom logo or text. Choosing an ink colour presents you the heatshrink colour options that are available to print on.

Braided Sleeve and Cable Tie Options

Sleeve Cable

Braided Sleeving Colour 

Select your choice of 27 high quality Techflex Braided Sleeving designs to fit on your cable. Techflex is great for not only protecting your cable but also striking visual aesthetics that can be optimised further with Neutrik colour boots, ID rings and matching cable tie colour.

Rip-Lock CableWrap

The last step in the process is to select one our long life Rip-Lock CableWraps that are available in 10 colours to suit your preferences and cable aesthetics.