SquarePlug SP400 to SPS4 Patch Cable

SquarePlug SP400 to SPS4 Patch Cable


Attention: All SquarePlug products are shipped with the black housing connector. New photos coming soon

SquarePlug SP400 to SPS4 Low Profile Patch Cable

SquarePlug SPS400 pancake plugs have become the connector of choice for guitar effects pedals and pedalboard rigs due to their space saving design. This new take on the metal pancake plug is significantly smaller than the classic design introduced by Switchcraft in the 60’s. One issue that has persisted till now is that ¼” straight plugs are great for standard guitar applications but can get a bit tricky to utilise for effects pedals and switching systems due to the significant length added by the connectors body. SquarePlug have solved this issue in their SPS4 straight ¼”  TS plug.

The SPS4 straight plug is a mere 5.1cm from connector tip to cable entry point. A Neutrik NP2X ¼” straight plug is 9.4cm from connector tip to cable entry and Switchcraft 280 is 7.3cm from connector tip to cable entry. That is a massive space saving in pedalboards where space is at a premium and an impressive miniaturisation for switching system applications.

SP400 is significantly smaller than the classic Switchcraft 228 design making for an extremely compact design particularly well suited for packed pedalboards and switching systems. The internal design has been well thought out for excellent solderability and strain relief which are the foundations for a long lasting and reliable cable.

The compact design of both SP400 and SPS4 connectors mean we are able to use a super small diameter guitar cable that again will save space. We have selected Mogami 2314 and silver plated Van Damme Pro Patch as our cable offerings for their high quality, flexibility and low capacitance. The flexibility of the cables allows them to be bent and twisted in all sorts of directions and shapes without it feeling forced like larger diameter cables. The cables low capacitance of 110 pF/m and 95 pF/m outperforms most if not all other professional brands in the small diameter category and is terminated with Kester silver solder for the most transparent signal transmission and highest quality we can offer our customers.

Standard and Custom SP400 to SPS4 Cable Options

The cable is available in standard lengths from 5cm to 50cm through our website as well as custom length options when you contact us with your specifications. We hand solder using the finest tools, quality inspect and test each and every cable here in Perth. We are confident our SquarePlug patch cable solutions will make welcome additions to old and new rigs.

As an OEM and white label manufacturer we work closely with other companies and music instrument retailers to bring innovative and profitable products to market so contact us to learn how we can help you sell your own SquarePlug cable assemblies made here in Australia!