Sommer SC-Spirit LLX Patch Cable
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Sommer LLX Low Loss 10cm Patch Cable (5 Pack)


SC-Spirit LLX Pedal Board Patch Cables – Big Sound in Miniature Format

Sommer cable is a German cable manufacturer with a well-established reputation for high quality guitar cables that meet the most demanding requirements. SC-Spirit LLX low loss guitar cable is currently the world’s lowest capacitance guitar cable at an unprecedented 52 pF/m and is available here at Cablesmiths in a pedal board patch cable pack. The 10cm cables are terminated with Hicon gold tip ¼” plugs using silver solder for professional pedal board rigs where space is limited and transparent signal transmission is desired.

Extremely Low Capacitance Guitar Patch Cables for Pedal Boards

To achieve this new benchmark the engineer's at Sommer have used coaxial cable technology. This makes the cable thicker than most guitar cables at 7.2mm diameter but they have used a soft rubber like PVC jacket that ensures it is flexible enough to bend and make the connection between pedals. With an extremely low capacitance of 52 pF/m, this guitar cable holds 1st place on our Capacitance League Table and is the perfect solution for guitarists looking for the most neutral signal transmission on stage and in the studio.

Custom SC-Spirit LLX Low Loss Guitar Cables

A guitar cable of this calibre will be greatly appreciated by players after the best performance there is. At Cablesmiths we know sometimes a guitar cable just needs a little adjusting here and there to suit specific requirements so custom pedal board patch cables can be designed in our custom cable builder app. In the app you can change the cable length if you need it longer than 10cm and select Switchcraft or Hicon pancake plugs to suit. Due to the cable’s thicker diameter Techflex braided sleeving is not possible

Customise your Sommer SC-Spirit LLX Guitar Cable here.

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Attention: Available at this price only whilst stock lasts. Price increase effective when we sell out and re-order more cable.

Product Specifications
*Some items will not render


Properties Analog Audio
AWG 21
Outer Jacket Material PVC
Handling Texture Rubber
Cable Diameter (mm) 7.20
Available Colours Black
Shield Type Copper Braid
Shielding Factor (%) 100
Capacitance Cond./Shield 52 pF/m
Application Environments Live Stage and Studio
Recommended Applications Guitar, Bass, Keyboards