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Gotham GAC-4/1 Star Quad Microphone Cable

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Gotham GAC-4/1 Star Quad Microphone Cable

Gotham Cable has been manufacturing high quality audio cables for over 40 years and have established an innovative line of products that are at the leading edge of cable engineering. A prime example of this innovation is its Double Reussen shielding that comprises 2 layers of 100% copper spiral shields wound in opposite directions to provide maximum RFI rejection.

Star Quad Cable Reimagined

Star Quad microphone cables have been used in professional audio for microphone and line level applications for many years due to its ability to resist Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and electrostatic coupling of hum and noise. It consists of 4 twisted conductors terminated in pairs with the shield to ground, a normal microphone cable consists of 2 conductors with the shield to ground.

Gotham is unique in that it incorporates its Double Reussen shield technology into its Star Quad cable resulting in RFI rejection measured at over 130dB at 25kHz in a flexible cable that is only 5.4mm in diameter. All these features make this cable ideally suited for electrically noisy studio and stage environments and as a premium low noise microphone cable for the gigging musicians and instrument miking.

Custom Star Quad Cables

At Cablesmiths we supply Gotham GAC4/1 Star Quad as standard with Neutrik XX Series connectors terminated with high quality Kester and Amtech soldering products and heatshrink guards to stop shield fraying for a long life of flawless operation. As is typical at Cablesmiths this cable is fully customisable in our cable customiser app to meet any desired specifications in length, connector brands, coloured boots, coloured ID rings, custom heathshrink logos and more.

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Product Specifications
*Some items will not render


Properties Analog Audio (Star-Quad)
AWG  24
Outer Jacket Material
Handling Texture Smooth
Cable Diameter (mm) 5.4
Available Colours Velvet Black
Shield Type Double Reussen Shield
Shielding Factor (%) 100
Capacitance Cond./Shield 135 pF/m
Application Environments Professional Production Outdoor Production Recording Live Stage
Recommended Applications Mic/Line Level Interconnects Powered Speakers Handheld Microphones Condenser Microphones EMI / RFI Rejection