Canare GS-6 Orange Patch Cable
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Canare GS-6 10cm Patch Cable - Orange (5 Pack)


Orange Pedalboard Patch Cable

Canare the Japanese cable manufacturer, has a long established global reputation for its range of professional audio cables that are made to the highest standards. Amongst their standout innovations with audio cable is Canare GS-6, which is an Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) cable specially designed for connecting guitars, basses and keyboards using 1/4" plugs.

High Quality Patch Cable Pack for Pedalboard Wiring

Canare GS-6 Guitar Cable has a centre conductor made of 127 high quality OFC strands that ensure the cable has good flexibility and tensile strength for the twists and turns of all pedalboard configurations. The cable has a proprietary double carbon plastic shield underneath the flexible copper braid shield that provides 92% coverage which together eliminate microphonic handling noise.

The cable has a capacitance of 160 pF/m which puts it in 12th place on our Capacitance League Table. This makes the cable suitable for all general pedalboard applications and is comparable to other good high capacitance cables such as Mogami Gold and Belden 9778 but with the advantage of more rugged shielding and cable colour options.

Premium Silver Solder and Gold Tip Connectors as Standard 

Cablesmiths patch leads are terminated with high quality German Hicon 1/4" pancake plugs with gold tips. The lower profile of these connectors helps to save space on packed pedalboards with a much better appearance as the connector will not protrude out significantly like Neutrik NP2RX. The termination is made with a high quality Kester silver solder that maximises signal transmission and tone!

Cablesmiths patch cables are meticulously constructed with great attention to detail. Cable preparation is done with high precision automated tools for exact specifications and then hand soldered by our expert technicians right here in Perth Western Australia.

Pack sizes of different quantities, lengths and connector orientations are available, contact us for a quote.