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Custom Professional Loudspeaker Cables

Cablesmiths manufacturer rugged and reliable loudspeaker cables for all professional loudspeaker and amplifier systems. We use top grade 2.5 mm² and 4.0 mm² cable from Klotz, Sommer and Eurocable and Neutrik speakONs to custom make speaker cables to any desired length for all NL4, NL8 and PA-COM configurations.

Customise your loudspeaker cable here.

Tour Grade Loudspeaker Cables

With our soldering expertise we supply a large range of standard and custom tour grade loudspeaker cables and splitters with Neutrik STX series NL4 and NL8 connectors. These all metal rugged connectors are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of professional touring and rental for production companies.

Browse our range standard and customisable tour grade loudspeaker cables here.

8 Pin PA-COM Loudspeaker Cables

Our 8 pin PA-COM loudspeaker cables use your choice of 2.5 mm² or 4.0 mm² speaker cable with high quality locking and non-locking Syntax connectors that are CA-COM compatible. These rugged solutions are used for loudspeaker extension cables and signal distribution for line array systems.

Browse our range of customisable PA-COM loudspeaker cables here.

Splitters and Adapters

We use rugged Neutrik STX series speakONs to custom make any required configuration of female and male splitters and adapters for touring amplifiers, professional line array systems and loudspeaker extension cables.

Buy our range standard splitters here or contact us for custom solutions.