Canare GS-6 10cm Patch Cable - Orange (5 Pack)

High quality patch cables made with premium connectors and silver solder!

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Custom Braided Guitar Cable - Orange Spyder Techflex Braided Sleeving

Advanced Techflex with a orange check pattern. Great styling and durability!

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Custom Braided Guitar Cable - Neon Orange Techflex Flexo PET Braid

Standard neon orange Techflex that look great with Neutrik orange plug boots

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Canare GS-6 Guitar / Keyboard / Instrument Cable - Orange

A good all round guitar and keyboard cable with 160 pF/m capacitance

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How to Customise Guitar Cables

Our guitar cable builder app is a quick and easy way for you to custom design professional guitar cables from the best brands with endless combinations of Neutrik and Switchcraft connectors and Techflex braided sleeving.

You can access the guitar cable builder app here or you can select a standard guitar cable you like and click the CUSTOMISE button next to the add to cart button and make adjustments from there if you do not want to design a cable from scratch.

See our how to video to get a quick run down on how to use the guitar cable builder app.

Custom Guitar Cables

Cablesmiths manufactures high quality guitar cables from leading brands such as Mogami, Canare, Klotz, Neutrik and Switchcraft. We also supply a wide range of specialist boutique brands such as Gotham and tailored low and high capacitance guitar cables for tone shaping requirements for discerning professionals.

All our guitar cables are manufactured in Perth, Australia using the best quality components and tooling to ensure each and every cable that leaves our workshop is rugged, reliable and far exceeds what is available in music instrument stores. By using high precision cable cutting and Schleuniger stripping machines and temperature controlled soldering we deliver an unmatched level of accuracy and quality in each and every guitar cable we make.

Silver Solder as Standard

We cut no corners at Cablesmiths, every guitar cable is soldered using high quality Kester silver solder that ensures improved conductivity maximising signal and tone!

Premium Options Included Free

Many high cost cables sold in music instrument stores do not include basic accessories like cable ties or when they do they are cheap and loose strength quickly. Cablesmiths includes a premium long life cable tie made by Rip Tie USA with each cable. In our customiser you can even select your cable tie colour from a choice of ten colours, also free!

Custom heatshrink logos that add style and additional strain relief to each cable designed in our customiser app are also available free! Just upload your high resolution design and select your ink and heatshrink colours.

Custom Techflex Braided Sleeving

Techflex USA are the leading manufacturer of specialist braided sleeving designs. Cablesmiths offers the biggest range of cut, abrasion and tangle resistant Techflex braid for guitar cables. With over 25 Techflex designs in stock we have solutions available for the design conscious musician and retailer. Techflex braid can be fitted onto custom guitar cables designed in our customiser app or through commercial order.

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